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    Jackson Lewis Breakfast Briefing/BHSHRM Membership Meeting

    Date: April 18, 2013, 7:30am – 9:00am
    Attorney Joe Dreesen, Jackson Lewis of Omaha, NE
    Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn 505 N 5th Street
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    Part Three:  The Continuing Saga

    Government agencies and courts have been busy.   The NLRB issues almost weekly new rulings and guidance that continue to surprise employers.  New FMLA regulations are out there.  Immigration issues continue to receive increased attention.  This session will begin with an update on employment law issues that will affect you. 


    The session will continue with the chance to test your knowledge and skills through new workplace scenarios.  You may have attended our previous training sessions using real life scenarios, now you will be faced with new scenarios designed to teach how to practically and legally handle even more workplace situations.   Here’s just a sampling: 


    ·         What would you do if someone who served as your groundskeeper notified you that they had been ordered to undergo 30 days of outpatient alcohol treatment?

    ·         What would you do if your night shift supervisor informed you that he could not work the entire shift because he gets too sleepy?

    ·         What would you do if your store supervisor complains that he often spends 80% of his time performing the same work as the people he supervises?

    ·         What would you do if some of your employees come into you and complain about a co-worker who is on a medical leave of absence and includes information on Facebook about how much fun she’s having on vacation?

    ·         What would you do if an employee complains that his supervisor keeps asking him to perform a work task that he thinks is dangerous?

    ·         What would you do if an employee came in with new I-9 identity documents?


    These are just a few examples of the scenarios that will be used to meet the objective of teaching human resource professionals, executives, managers, supervisors, business owners, in-house counsel, and other professionals how to handle various real life situations that have implications under the following laws:


    ·         Family and Medical Leave Act

    ·         Americans With Disabilities Act

    ·         National Labor Relations Act

    ·         Fair Labor Standards Act

    ·         Fair Credit Reporting Act

    ·         Age Discrimination in Employment Act

    ·         Pregnancy Discrimination Act 

    ·         Occupational Safety and Health Act

    ·         Immigration Reform and Control Act

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