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    OSHA, Worker's Compensation & Labor Regulations Update

    Date: March 26, 2013, 11:30am – 1:00pm
    Jon Puetz and Dr. Tim Andera
    Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn 505 N 5th Street
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    The Division regulates all state labor laws, including workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, minimum wage, public collective bargaining, child labor, human rights, and general employment practices laws.


    Update on any OSHA, Work Comp, Labor Regulations 2. Some real-life scenarios of workplace injuries and how they ended up 3. Anything new that needs to be discussed about the introduction of the SDS program (formally MSDS)

    Mr. Jon Puetz is the Program Director with the South Dakota Consultation Program. He has been with South Dakota State University for 31 plus years. Mr. Puetz has been with the South Dakota On-Site Consultation Program for almost 25 plus years.  Mr. Puetz has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Education from South Dakota State University. Mr. Puetz has been the SHARP Program Coordinator for South Dakota Consultation Program for almost 16 plus years as the Senior Safety & Health Consultant and as Program Director. Mr. Puetz has assisted the South Dakota Consultation Program with different methods to serve small business in South Dakota but to also be effective in streamlining the travel time and costs associated for serving employers in this large State of South Dakota. Mr. Puetz has assisted with the OSHA National OIS Software Tracking Tool Roll-0ut Project for OSHA and Region VIII Consultation Programs.  Mr. Puetz has assisted with the SHARPs 1 and SHARP 2 Statistical Studies Project, in conjunction with OSHA, South Dakota State University Engineering Extension Office and the South Dakota State University’s Mathematics and Statistics Department.  The Statistical Studies were on the impact of the SHARP Program through analysis of OSHA On-Site Injury & Illness Data and how it reflects on the Consultation Assistance provided to small business who were a part of the OSHA SHARP Program.  

    Dr. Tim Andera is a retired professor from SDSU College of Education with over 40 years of education, consulting and management experience. He is currently a safety consultant with the SDSU Engineering Extension Office in providing outreach and on-site consultation assistance for employers in South Dakota. He is OSHA Trained on many OSHA topics in providing employers assistance on Safety and Health issues they face in the workplace.